Summer 2004

John Ursu

Sitting on the the dock at sunset

A campfire under the light of a slivery moon.

Storm clouds over Mosquito Bay.

Sunset and clouds over Mosquito Bay.

Sun rays at sunset



I have an artsy shot I took Tuesday
that may fit your site. It is autumn leaves in a still pond reflecting

gorgeous trees and sky. Made me feel sorry for all the folks who were not at Bay Lake this weekend to enjoy the glories of the season.

Regards, John



Here is a recent photo I took looking west from our deck. It is early morning and the glow in the sky is unusual because the sun isn't even above the horizon yet in the east. I was interested in this shot because of the lovely light and the moon hanging over the little bay.
As I framed the photo, an eagle flew right into the view finder. Click! I got him, although he is not that distinct in this shot.






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