Bay Lake Bear

I was at the cabin yesterday and today (Dec. 3rd & 4th) to get things finally prepared for the best season of all....winter on Bay Lake.....anyway, I was shoveling snow off the ice out from our shoreline to get a jump start on maintaining the ice for skating.  While I was moving snow, I found numerous bear tracks impressioned into the ice.  The snow had only been on the ice for less than 24 hours, so the bear must have crossed when the ice was thinner and the surface was a little slushy.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  I have e-mailed these photo's to several others to confirm that they are bear tracks.  All have agreed.  The tracks extended way out onto the ice and into the direction of the narrows between Church Island and Brighton Point.  I have seen a black bear on Battle Point this past fall, and it may be the same one.  I wonder if it's the same bear that made the tracks this past spring/summer over on Brighton Point.  The paw prints are big, about the size of my hand.  I used my gloves in two of the photos for scale and used the low angle of the sunset to highlight the tracks in the ice.  I have also included another sunset photo taken directly off of Battle Point. 


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